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Different Qualifications

In Year 12 we recommend you take a combination of courses and subjects that fill up 80% of your timetable. In most cases this is 4 A levels.

In Year 13 most people study 3 A levels that take 60% of your timetable.

The remaining time is for private study or enrichment.

Academic Courses – AS and A Level

These qualifications focus on traditional study and the courses take two years to complete.  There are a wide choice of academic subjects available.  AS and A’ levels are one route into university and are also invaluable should you wish to go straight into employment.  Entry requirements onto A’ Level courses do differ and it is important to check the specific subject qualifications that are required to be able to proceed onto a course.

Vocational Courses

BTEC and OCR (Cambridge Technical)

These courses are designed as specialist qualifications for students who have a clear view of their future career or who are seeking progression to university.  They are equivalent to A levels and are valued by Universities, Further Education colleges and employers.  BTECs and OCRs are career related courses with a specific vocational context and can be combined with both AS and A Levels.

Level 3 Core Mathematics

This qualification will earn you 60 UCAS points (the equivalent of an A grade at AS). It is aimed at those students studying A levels with some numeric content, for example Economics, Sciences, Business Studies, Geography, Psychology. It is not for those taking A level Mathematics.

Students study for 2 hours a week over 2 years.

GCSE English or Maths

Very rarely, we might accept a student who has not achieved grade C in English and Maths. This will be because they have a unique exceptional talent in a subject area. You will get support to take your GCSE again, or, pursue an equivalent qualification.

Extended Project Qualification

This qualification is a stand-alone qualification which earns you up to 70 UCAS points. If you are studying a pure A’ level combination, you will be encouraged to take the EPQ.

The EPQ is designed to enable students to access skills that are to develop the independent learner and acts as a foundation to a typical University dissertation exercise.

Any student studying this qualification will be given support to complete this by a designated and specialist member of staff. It can be assessed through various mediums, for example a presentation, essay, performance, or a collection of artwork.

Some examples of successful investigations for the EPQ that our students have completed are:
• The Media’s influences on serial killers
(psychological study)
•  The influences and effects on drugs in sport   (blood doping etc.)
• An Investigation into the care plan differences   of the NHS verses Private Health Care
• An Investigation into environmental policies
• Cos Play Cultures (Arts project using sculptures)