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Getting into Sixth Form

Different Routes through Sixth Form

In order to help ensure that all of our students achieve well in the Sixth Form Centre we offer several different routes of study, depending on your GCSE grades.

Band A:  If you are a student who has achieved only A*, A or B grades at GCSE, you will start 4 or 5 AS levels, and will be expected to complete at least 3 A levels.

Band B:  If you are a student who has achieved mainly B grades at GCSE we would recommend a mixed programme of A’ Level and Vocational qualifications.

Band C:  If you are a student who has achieved mainly C grades, our recommendation would be to study solely Vocational qualifications (BTEC/OCR).

Minimum Entry requirements for Rainhill Sixth Form Centre

Our minimum entry criteria is 5 GCSEs at A*-C including English Language GCSE and Mathematics at grade C, however, individual subjects may have additional requirements.

Application Process

Once you have applied to our Sixth Form, you will be given an interview by one of our experienced Sixth Form team to find out more about you and what you want to do. You will be guided to choose the right combination of subjects which will meet the entry requirements for University or future employers. 

If you meet our expectations in terms of likely GCSE results, and your current attitude to learning and attendance is really good, you will then receive a conditional offer of acceptance. This means you will get a place providing your final GCSE results meet our criteria.

You will be invited into the Sixth Form for social events in the summer.  During this time, you will find out more about the Sixth Form enrichment activities and meet some of the staff.  This will also be a great opportunity to get clarification about anything you are not sure about.

On GCSE results day, we will confirm your application provided your GCSE results meet our entry requirements.  We will then enrol you onto the A level and Vocational courses of your choice.

If you need time to consider what you want to do, that’s fine, but the first 135 who meet our entry requirements will be enrolled. You don’t want to miss out!

External Candidates

Students who have studied for their GCSEs in other schools are welcome and encouraged to apply for places. If you meet the entry criteria and submit your application on time you are treated like every other applicant. As part of the induction process, we ensure all our Sixth Form students get to know each other and mix well. External candidates have consistently given us positive feedback about their time at Rainhill.  They have all gone on to enjoy their time with us and, importantly, they have succeeded in pursuing their future career or educational plans.