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From Rainhill to St. Andrews: Oliver Graham


Rainhill Student Oliver Graham is now studying Physics at the University of St. Andrew’s

We spoke to Oliver Graham before he left for St. Andrew’s about his time at Rainhill and his plans for the future...

How did you feel on your first day in Year 7?
Nervous, excited as a big move but settled in quickly

What clubs and activities have you done since starting at Rainhill?
Founder member of the debating club, cricket and tennis clubs

Why did you choose Rainhill Sixth Form?
Good relationships with teachers, small classes and 1-1 interaction with staff

What was the highlight of your time at Rainhill?
A-Level results and seeing my friends also doing well after all the hard work

What advice would you give to Rainhill students?
Throw yourself into lots of opportunities which are open to you at 6th Form

Who were your favourite teachers?
Dr. Fairhurst, Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Trelfa

Why did you choose the course at University?
It’s a welcoming and supportive department with research groups that have a strong international profile along with the reputation of being one of the best Uni’s in the UK

Why did you choose this university?
It’s an awesome place to learn and study, set within a beautiful small town on the Fife coast, just north of Edinburgh, very lovely!

How did you feel when you knew you had got into University?
Elated and a big relief for me

What was your parent’s/family reaction when they found out you got in?
They were made up for me and we all celebrated

What are you most looking forward to at University?
Advancing my knowledge of Physics and getting involved with extra-curricular activities such as fencing

Where are you going to be living?
Uni accommodation in the town

What are your long term career plans?
A career within physics research