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Top Ten Tips For Getting That Job – Applications

Top ten tips for getting that job – applications

  1. If you have to hand write your application, write in pencil and then proof read it, go over it in pen once you are happy. Word process if you can;
  2. Research the company and the job you are applying for;
  3. Use the words from the job description and personal specification to write your covering letter;
  4. Polish up your CV - make sure it has all of your up to date qualifications and experience on;
  5. Make sure you evidence each point you make - what have you done to prove you would be good at team work or outstanding at customer service?;
  6. Make sure you proof read your letters, applications and CV before you send them and make sure you write formally;
  7. Make sure you have an appropriate email address;
  8. Try a speculative letter, but again, make sure it's personalised and researched;
  9. Make sure your letter and application is addressed to the right person;
  10. Make sure you letter and application are sent well before the deadline.

Useful website for job applications


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