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Top Ten Tips for Getting that Job – Interviews

  1. Make sure you are early for your interview – at least 15 minutes;
  2. Make sure you research your company so you sound interested to be employed by them;
  3. Make sure you dress appropriately, smartly and have neutral make up, subtle jewellery and tidy hair;
  4. Whilst waiting, do not play on your phone! Look at any brochures etc. that might be around about the company;
  5. Make sure you phone is switched off for the whole interview duration;
  6. Be polite and smile at everyone, as soon as you are on site - you never know who you might be working with....or for!
  7. Body language and non verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication - stay relaxed, open body language, sit up straight, don't cross your legs and smile, nod genuinely and shake their hands on your way in and out;
  8. Listen to the questions being asked, do not feel rushed, take your time to form your answer, relax and speak slowly, confidently and clearly. Try to stick to a concise answer but make sure you tell them why you would be the best - give examples of what you have done to prove this in the past and how you could develop on this in the future at their company;
  9. Thank them at the end of the interview and tell them you look forward to any future communication between yourselves;
  10. Have some appropriate questions to ask at the end of the interview - When are the holidays? Is not one! Try to ask things like - Are there any opportunities to progress? Is there any further opportunities for training? If there is a project you want to work on, ask about this.


Useful websites for interview skills:


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