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Top Ten Tips for Making the Right Impression in the Job

  1. Make sure you ring or email a few days before to confirm your start time, end time and where your should go and who you should meet on the first day;
  2. Be early! At least 15 minutes. Do not run out of the door at the end of the day either, make a good first impression by finishing the task and then asking if it appropriate to leave, same if you have a set lunch hour or break;
  3. Dress appropriately - When you went for your interview, did you notice how other people dressed? Does your company have a dress code? If in doubt, go smart!
  4. Be polite do not swear and do not be too informal in your communications and interactions;
  5. Ask questions but also try and use your own initiative and knowledge;
  6. Take with you all of your equipment you will need e.g. pencils, pens, paper etc.
  7. Turn your phone off and leave it in your bag - do not go on facebook or text your friends during the day;
  8. Don't get caught up in office politics or gossip;
  9. Re-read your job description the night before and make some notes as to what you think you need to start planning or doing or asking on the first day;
  10. Buddy up – Talk to everyone! It might be awkward for a while but the only way to get to know new people is to talk to them and make an effort.



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Please feel free to contact:
Joanne Morrell (Key Stage 5 Progress and Learning mentor)
Faye Rafferty (Careers Connect)


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