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Labour Market Information

What is it and why is it important?

When starting your search for careers information, potential career routes and progression pathways, your first question should be – What jobs are out there? Matching up what you love and what is actually out there as a career is essential. It is no good training to be the best in whatever sector you love, only to find there are no jobs to go to. This is where labour market information is essential.
Labour market information is compiled by a number of organisations such as – The Government, the National Census, the Learning and skills council and the Chamber of commerce. The information compiled by these organisations allow us to get a really good idea of what sectors are growing, what careers have a shortage of skilled workers and what industries are booming. In turn, we can then inform you or your child what the best route is to gain future proof, satisfying, long lasting careers in the future.

Regional Labour market information
Key labour market information can be found for each region of the UK on this easy to use National Careers service website.
This is a summary of the information that can be found on this site:

  • As a region our employment rates are slightly under average for the UK;
  • The most unfilled vacancies in the North West are in administration, the caring professions, science and engineering and business;
  • The biggest sectors of employment, in the north west are administration, the caring professions and sales;
  • Over the next 6 years, the sectors that are set to grow are – Care, senior management positions and customer and health support roles;
  • Employment is set to rise to 2020;
  • Aerospace, vehicle manufacturing, energy engineering, creative media and tourism are all important sectors within the North West.

Also, with the development of the Liverpool Super port, the development of tourism and an interest in low-carbon development projects and the North West Gateway project, logistics, transport and distribution, STEM, hotel management, environmental sciences, ecology, languages and restaurant management will become bigger employment sectors in the next 5 – 10 years in this region.
Digital technology is also a big growth sector within the North West, from the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool to Salford Quays developments in Manchester, this is a huge growth sector with few people fully and highly trained to take the positions that are being generated.

Regional labour market information - How is this useful?
Key subjects to study at Level 3, for progression in the North West may be:

  • Health and social care;
  • ICT and computing;
  • Sciences - Biology, Physics, chemistry, Applied science;
  • Maths or core maths;
  • Business;
  • Languages;
  • Geography;
  • Music technology;
  • Film Studies;
  • Creative media and the arts.


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