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Careers & Subjects

Career pathway subject choices


Our Recommendations
If you are interested in any of the career pathways listed, we recommended that you consider some of the course subject combinations indicated which universities and employers may look favourably on upon application:

Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Surgery, Optometry, Dentistry
Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, Psychology


Nursing / Social Care / Science Technician
Biology, Health and Social Care (OCR), BTEC Applied Science, Chemistry, Physics, Maths


Engineering, Surveying
Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths, Applied Science, Geography


Law, Geography, Politics, English Language, English Literature, History, Sociology, Maths


Environmental Science, Geography
Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, BTEC Applied Science


Sport Science, Coaching
BTEC Sport, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, BTEC Applied Science, Travel & Tourism, English Language, BTEC Business


Economics, Further Maths, Maths, BTEC Business, English Language


English Language, English Literature, Theatre Studies


History, Religious Studies, Politics, English Literature, English Language


Politics, Law, English Literature, English Language, History


Religion, Philosophy
Religious Studies, Politics, History, Sociology


Psychology, Biology, Maths


Law, Politics, Sociology, Psychology


Performance Art
BTEC Dance, English Literature, English Language, Theatre Studies


Fine Art
Fine Art, Art Graphics, BTEC Photography


Media / Journalism
BTEC Media, English Language, English Literature, BTEC Photography, Art Graphics


Fashion / Retail
Textiles, Art Graphics, BTEC Photography, BTEC Business, ICT (OCR)


Business / Management
BTEC Business, Travel & Tourism, ICT (OCR)


ICT / Gaming
ICT (OCR), Art Graphics, BTEC Media, BTEC Business, Maths, English Language