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Exploration & Enrichment

Make your University or job application look even stronger.

Show that you are more than just someone who can get great grades.

Our Enrichment programme of study is an opportunity to embark on activities that will extend your repertoire outside of the curriculum subjects and to extend your UCAS application or Curriculum Vitae with more than qualifications.
Every University looks for a well-rounded student who can prove that they have contributed to something other than their subjects, and/or have independently investigated aspects of their prospective profession. We offer this enrichment programme on a dedicated afternoon, in order to aid this process.

Sports Leadership

L2 Award in Community Sports Leadership.
This takes 42 hours to complete. You learn to be a coach. Practical sessions, in a sport of your choice, are led by you for high and primary school children.

Student Expedition

This trip will also gain 70 UCAS points for anyone who participates in the trip.
Year on year, our Sixth Form students have embarked on our Expeditions abroad. This year, our expedition is to Peru. In recent years, expeditions have been to India, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Kenya.
Our students have found this opportunity to be a hugely rewarding and life changing experience. These expeditions have truly enriched their experience of the cultures in this world and developed a sense of what it is to truly be ‘a global citizen’.

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

This qualification will gain 70 UCAS points for anyone completing it. It is for those studying a pure A level route who are aiming for top Universities.
You choose the topic of investigation according to what you are interested in.  Sixth Form staff will then give you help and guidance before you do the research you write it up.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme runs through the school into the Sixth Form.  We are offering all awards from Bronze, Silver and Gold award and have an excellent success rate.

Take Sign Language lessons

Certificated training in how to use sign language, is offered, to enable you to work with those people who are hearing impaired. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular as a skill in any job.

Take Driving Lessons

We provide lessons in how to pass your driving theory test content and assessment. You will then be fully equipped to sit the examination in a very short space of time.

Work Experience/Placement

During your free lessons we will arrange work experience for you.  Placements can be every week for a long or short period, or for a one off week.  During the summer of Y12 or Y13, it is also possible for us to organise an internship to further your experience.
These placements allow you to say that you have worked in areas that suit your career plans. Past work placements have included shadowing consultants at Whiston Hospital, working with Psychologists at Liverpool FC, Choreographing with the Royal Ballet, working with professional fashion photographers and working alongside a top Barrister on a legal case from start to finish. Whatever your plans we will personalise this to you, and help arrange it.

Competitive Sport

We have competitive teams in Football and Netball. They play in the U19s Colleges league. Both teams have won prestigious competitions, for example The Merseyside Cup.  Can you bring home the silverware?

Other Sports

Do you want spend a couple of hours a week doing other sports?  Do you want to start a Sixth Form team e.g. golf, cricket, hockey or any other? We can arrange this – on or off site.

Aerobics and Dance Classes

A fun and sociable way to keep fit and stay looking fab!

Film Studies

You will not only view classic film and form appreciation of film, but also learn the basics in film making, direction, editing and all of the behind the scenes aspects of film making. This will also cover animation, graphics and special effects.  If you are an aspirational movie director or editor of film, then this activity is for you!

Poetry & Literature

You will read new and interesting books for pleasure, then debate and discuss to look at the meaning and context of the work. This will make a huge difference to your depth of thinking and knowledge for your A levels and your university course. Reading for pleasure is also an excellent way to immerse yourself in another world, another time or event another dimension.

Sixth Form Student Committee

We want your leadership to change the Sixth Form and the world for the better. You will organise events for the Sixth Form students and tell us how to make the Sixth Form even better. If you want to pick up a good cause to champion, we will support you.

Subject Based Trips and Visits

We run many trip and visits, both in the UK and abroad. They include trips to New York, Berlin, WWI Battlefields, Morocco, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. Closer to home, we regularly visit London, Edinburgh – for the Comedy Festival, the Lake and Peak Districts etc. Theatre visits are frequent too.

Young Enterprise

You will take part in a national competition where you setup and run your own business with the help of a local business person. Will you have the right product and make enough profit to win the regional heats and then the national competition?  Could it lead you into the ‘Dragons Den’, ‘The Apprentice’ or your first million? Either way, it is great fun.

Debating Society

Our Debating Society has a successful past.  We have twice reached the national final of the European Youth Parliament.  Do you want to be part of this year’s team?