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Support & Guidance

This is one of the biggest strengths of the Sixth Form.
Students do not feel isolated or alone in trying to work through problems, regardless of what they may be.

Progress Support

Progress support is provided by the Sixth Form Management Team every day. Paul Chadwick is our dedicated Post-16 Progress Mentor whose job is twofold;
1. To make sure you are doing the correct quality and quantity of work to be successful.
2. To help you get into the best university, or the best apprenticeship, or the best job for you.

A Careers advisor is also available.

Academic Potential

Challenging targets are set at the course outset and progress is monitored and reviewed regularly through a system of personal reviews, interim reports and parents evenings, with one-to-one appointment clinics to support your academic potential.  Jo Walker, Head of Sixth Form, oversees this process together with the Sixth Form tutor team.

Academic Excellence

Traditionally, we have had students progressing on to study at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and all of the universities in the Russell Group.  We will provide 1 to 1 help with your application and interview and will organise visits to the universities you are apply to.  Visits to Oxford and Cambridge Universities are also arranged for those students who want to go.

Pastoral Care and Tutorial Support

Alison Anders is our Post-16 Pastoral Manager who is always available should any pastoral issues arise.  We will listen and we will help.

Form Tutors

You will be allocated specialist tutors who will guide and support you daily.  Our team monitor student attendance and participation in all aspects of Sixth Form life.  All of our Sixth Form Tutors are experienced in writing references for both employment and university.

Careers Programme

Every student gets the chance to fully participate in various activities that help improve your employability. These include;
• Work Placements
• Mock interviews with industry specialists
• Guidance on application forms
• Sessions to develop communication and presentation   skills
• An ‘Apprentice’ style conference that tests your team   and leadership skills

We tailor each one of these to your career plans.

All of these help to ensure that you are happy, successful and make good progression to the next stage of your life.